Our responsibility

Concern for the environment is very present in each stage of the food preparation process at Iberfruta:

From the field

Because we encourage professionals in the field to maintain best practices, because we believe in a fair price, and because it is the workers themselves who participate in the entire process.

During processing

Because we use recycled drums, we develop improved techniques to optimize the process, we reduce the use of energy and water and, in a further step, we reuse a good part of this energy.

During transportation

Because our optimized logistics aim to achieve efficiency in the transport of our products, mainly by complying with the standards of the EURO6 emission reduction regulations.

With the environment

Because we have participated in the Program for the Promotion of Irrigation Efficiency in Doñana: through it, we are able to save 858,000 cubic meters of water, the equivalent of 343 Olympic swimming pools.

Our action and commitment to sustainability

  • We are committed to renewable generation and self-consumption through solar panels with a capacity of 800 kilowatts.
  • We have a water treatment plant with a capacity of 4,000 cubic meters per day.
  • And a cogeneration plant that produces 3 megawatts / hour.
  • We have installed ammonia compressors in our refrigeration system which have increased energy efficiency by 20%.
  • We have reduced our water consumption by more than 30,000 cubic meters per year using cutting-edge technologies.
  • We promote social sustainability through gender equality with an employee ratio of 55% women and 45% men.
  • In 2020 we have achieved a 15% reduction in waste generated.

We want to continue advancing and for this we propose, in accordance with the implementation of the Government’s 2030 Agenda, to calculate our carbon footprint, increase the number of solar panels and obtain the B-Corp certificate that seals the reality of our commitment to the environment.

Projects in which we participate

We participate in the SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) of the FSA (Farm Sustainability Assessment) platform, which investigates innovation for the development of sustainability.

We have participated in FerDoñana, an initiative in which we have been able to show our commitment to promoting irrigation efficiency in the unique area of Doñana.