“Tell us what you need and we will do it”

Our work philosophy is undoubtedly what makes us unique and different.

This philosophy is achieved thanks to the close collaboration and coordination between all of Iberfruta’s human teams, which are located in a common co-working space to guarantee the best flow of information and quick and effective decision-making.

A vector whose ultimate goal is always total customer satisfaction. We can summarize it in three pillars:

We adapt to each client and each need

Iberfruta’s unique value proposition is that we adapt to your needs like no other company else can. Just tell us what you need and we get it.

We work mainly with fresh and seasonal produce

The natural calendar of fruits and vegetables marks our activity. In season is when we focus on each raw material. It is part of our respect for the land and this is how we ensure that the quality and the freshness and flavor of the food is always top.

We are a global provider

Iberfruta’s market is the world, and our presence in more than 80 countries proves it. For us, there are no borders when it comes to offering, through our powerful export capacity, the best solutions and products. Continuous and successful adaptation to the needs of a global market that is always on the move is in our DNA.